Montag, September 10, 2007

Songster movin' on up

We're moving. Up north to the Czech border. To the magic land of granit blocks, picturesque ponds, spruces and recluses. Movin up north to work our own land and keep on going eternally musically.

The work here is done. My 3rd album is finished, the house, we lived in for 6 years is sold. I'm waving good-bye, and saying hello. Hello good-bye.

A good friend of mine recently said to me: There is no wrong or right, no good or bad decisions, there's only decisions. How right he is. Once you dive into it, you're into it.

There's some real good, beloved, well-crafted and smoothly played songs on my new album, I think.
One is called "To Go On" and the chorus is like:

"To go on ain't easy
That's all I know
But the hurt is increasing
If you don't go on and on"

I wrote these simple lyrics when I was about 16. No way knowing what I was talking about, just feeling it. Now it's like a slap into my face, grinningly saying: "Come on, I told you so!"

They say: Summer is over.
I say: If you want it.

Dear all out there!
let's have a drink to the status and moment, we are in right now, quite well knowing, we fit to the issues, before and while we quit.

Watch out for "SONGSTER", my new album. It will be out in 2008.
And I will work the land, and the stages.
And I will love it.

Have a great time!