Freitag, Dezember 08, 2006

we all gotta go someday

in a perfect world we probably would have no ending.
it's a mind-dream to seem to be able to get prepared.
well, where did it all start? in your mother's kitchen, when you first found out how to cook good coffee or in a romantically fucked-in basement, where your amplifiers won't work?
Did it all start with the certain look of that kind of girl, that found you doing something right while you were just waiting for the next friend to show up and play the bass or was it really just a kickingly simple twist of fate that brought you into that kind of wrapping-it-up?
we should not - no, never - forget, how we got that lucky to be there.
Talent really means to never give too much and ask too much, to balance between yourself and nothing. It's not a question of learning, it's a question of attitude.
Talent is rude and has to be.
Talent has to be rude.
It's nothing we can get hold of.
It's just something we love to watch.
And then we get back into childhood and touch somebody's hand, finding ourselves saying: Good, you made it there... Thank you, I'm fine...
We never give up.
We have something to do.
We will not change the world, but we proudly let the world change us.
We are not into something, we are out of something.
And we have one thing, no one can ever take away from us: Respect.
I love to work with talented people.
May you never lose it.


At 13 Dezember, 2006 15:25, Anonymous Anonym said...

talent ist schönheit die auch existiert wenn niemand zuschaut.
wir können nicht anders wir müssen es leben.
sonst geht die welt kaputt.
danke für solche texte. die erhellen das dasein.


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