Donnerstag, Februar 01, 2007

the 3rd album...

Currently I love to listen to baroque Adagios by Bach, Händel, Albinoni a.o. - it's really inspiring while writing new songs/lyrics and getting deep into the process of preproduction for my next album, which will be my 3rd.
iTunesMusicStore is also a great playground to find exceptional music and musical soulmates...

Creativity is a tricky state of mind, sometimes it seems to act like a butterfly: Watch, but don't touch too much. Graze, but don´t face too much. And always let go.

The coming weeks we will start rehearsing and end of March to April we will be in the studio.
If everything works out well enough, we plan to release the album in autumn this year.

Have a great time!
The Pink Beast