Freitag, Februar 29, 2008

give it away...

We don't own music. We just have (it) to give it away. If and when you write songs, lyrics, poems, journals, you don't do it primarily, because you want to make money. You do it, because you don't have anything else as great, proud and unique as that. There is not one artist, I personally know, who's doing all that, just because he/she wants to find a way to pay a rent, or a mortgage. That's not what we do. We are not employees and we are not fulfillers. We are just crazy, and sometimes weird, watching life and making notes, probably out of hand, gorgeous and incredibly egomanic.
It's our job to shine.
And it's your choice to listen.
But please, always do that: have respect for what we do. You don't have to make us rich, we only want to keep on making music.
And if you want, we can enrich your life, and if not - no problem, we have to keep on anyhow...
BUT: Everybody needs money in this world we live in. I cannot understand all these discussions about the price of music and if 99 cents for a track is too much. As an artist, musician and producer, I am sure, it is NOT too much. We don't get the 99 cents per track, we only get 5 cents, if we are lucky...
It is boring to talk about money.
So I stop immediately.

My new album SONGSTER will be out soon - on CD and for DOWNLOAD!
Have a listen, enjoy it and - if you like - keep it (respectfully)!

Cheers, Chris