Donnerstag, März 29, 2007

we all got it

It's that kind of feeling of "I can do that", that keeps me keeping on and on.
It's that kind of "I love it", that tells me, what to do right now.
We all got it.
Behind that wall of "too much" (of anything), there is still freedom.
And because of all that, we still want to be.
Being aware of this, is not sophisticated.
It is just another way to lead a life.

Mittwoch, März 21, 2007

Well, I feel great.
I'm back on the track, I'm writing songs like drinking beautiful wine...
Next week we're in the studio and start recording my 3rd album. It's a pleasure, it's thrilling as never before, I feel like a child.
It feels good to make music. I feel at home.
Have a great time! - So will we...

Montag, März 05, 2007

Club Waidwund heute krankheitshalber ohne DJ Chris Gelbmann

Leider kann ich heute doch nicht - wie bei "concerts" angekündigt - beim CLUB WAIDWUND im ELEKTRO GÖNNER Musik aus der Dose spielen. Die Grippe hat mich noch immer im Griff, ich muss mich also wieder hinlegen und kann daher nicht auflegen. Sorry - another time!
all the best